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  • Can I achieve change through Life Coaching?
    Yes! I have seen many clients transition in powerful ways. More than liekely, they had ambitions, goals, concerns and challenges like yours. Life Coaching is the one mechanisms that can be used to profoundly change the course of your life, enabling you to shift the quality of your life in ways you never thought possible.
  • What is Life Coaching?
    Life Coaching is a professional partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, potential and productivity.
  • How often will I meet with my life coach?
    Most meetings will occur once a week or every other week. However, this may vary given the nature of your personal challenge or crisis. I have found this to be the most productive way to yield optimal results. This schedule allows for flexibility, time of reflection, application of knowledge, assignments, and persistent motivation.
  • Where will I meet with my life coach?
    I am available for face to face, one on one, in person meetings. However, my preferred method of meeting is online. This method is preferred over meeting by phone because it affords me the opportunity to share interactive resources and tools. It also allows for a face to face interaction which can be greatly beneficial. Every session conducted is highly secured, encrypted and never recorded. It involves only you the client and myself.
  • How does Life Coaching differ from Psychotherapy?
    The differences between life coaching and psychotherapy are: Life Coaching focuses on a set goal relative to future aspirations and expectations. Psychotherapy focuses on clinical assessments of past events and their impact on your present state. It is centered around the beliefe that helathy clients are in need of motivation. Psychotherapy is centered around the framework that is based on a patholgy of a clinical state of disease or illness. Life Coaches work with the attitude and conscious framework of a healthy mind. Therapists work with the symptoms and behaviour of an unhealthy mind. A Life Coach work is often time limited with specific goals and desired outcomes. Therapists work is open-ended with "understading" as the primary objective.
  • What about confidentiality?
    What happens in our sessions remains in our sessions. As a Life Coach, I pride myself on valuing the trust of every client. Consequently, I take every precaution necessary to safeguard my client's information. Every client-coach relationship operates by an ethical code. For the past 35 years, I have helped people from all walks of life without ever disclosing or compromising their personal integrity or information. This same commitment and standard is applied to very client ensuring their confidentiality and protection.
  • How does a Life Coaching differ from Crisis Coaching?
    Life Coaching is all about cultivating, mentoring and helping people overcome personal challenges. The primary focus of Life Coaching is personal-professional development and growth. Crisis Coaching is all about guiding, providing insight, and helping people who are dealing with a critical incident or crisis.
  • How long does the Coaching process take?
    The typical time frame for each session is 60 minutes or 1 hour. However, the total number of sessions may vary depending on your level of commitment and openness to the process; your capacity for introspection; your circumstances; how quickly and thoughtful you complete assigned tasks; and other unique factors. In keeping with the standards of Schemata, our goal is to help you achieve your goal without creating a financial burden or co-dependent relationship. That being said, the overall process will vary depending on your need and the type of plan you purchased.
  • What are the benefits of Schemata Services?
    The benefits of working with Schemata are: Working with a Certofed Life Coach with other credentials. Please see my Bio Page You will have access to unprecedented customized tools and resouces, inly available with Schemata. I use an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) to ensure you an optimal outcome. Evidence-Based Practice is is a process used to review, analyze, translate, and incorporate the latest researched evidence into the coaching process. This enables clients to make better-informed decisions. EBP is a standard used in the fields of Healthcare, Education, Public Safety and other industries. The primary goa is to use Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement to scientifically validate what does and does not work.
  • Certifications vs Credentials and Experience
    A wise man and Airline Pilot, Captain Chelsey Sullenberger who successfully landed a commercial airliner on the Hudson River during an emergency stated "there is no substitute for experience in terms of aviation safety....." This statement is relative not only to aviation safety but also to practice of Life Coaching. A Life coach brings two things to the coaching process: life experience and professional experience. Neither of which can be substituted. As a Certified Professional Master Life Coach, I hold to the standard that "life can not be taught, it must be experienced." Your life and challenges are not theoretical, they are real; therefore, the answers and solutions you seek can only come from someone who has traveled the road of life and successfully navigated the challenges along the way. My credentials an experience include: A Certifed Professional Master Life Coach A Mster of Science in Healthcare Management A Fellow at Harvard UNiversity's Institue of Coaching A Member of the International Association of Coaching 30 Years of experienc as a Workplace Chaplain 35 years of experience in Healthcare, Public Sfaety, and Crisis Management
  • What are the costs of your services?
    Why do people prefer an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy over the competition? The answer is simple. They are willing to pay the price for the benefits, features, reliability, and quality they desire. Investing in a Life Coach is like purchasing any other product or service, you want the maximum return on your investment. Schemata's Life Coaching packages are design to provide you with the optimal level of services at an affordable rate. Our fees are not intended to be a financial burden. We do not require life-long financial commitments. We are all about empowering the client to become self reliant and self sufficient regarding their personal ambitions and goals. Our goal is to provide the service without incurring financial debt or creating a co-dependent relationship between the coach and client. For more information on our pricing, please refer to our plans page.
  • What if I'm not sure which service or plan I need?
    If you are unsure which service best meets your needs, Schemata will direct you to the proper resource based on the information provided with your in=take form.
  • Can I cancel my service anytime?
    Yes. As a client of Schemata you may cancel your sessions at anytime. However, paid plans are non-refundable. Should you chose to reconsider and return for service, it will be considered a new session and you will be charged accordingly. This policy is due to lost opportunity cost.
  • What if I want to continue the coaching process after completing my sessions?
    It is our priority and goal to give you the resources and tools to accomplish your desired goal. However, if you feel it is necessary and desire to maintain a scheduled weekly or monthly 1-hour session, you may do so at the cost of $200.00 USD/ per session.

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