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Crisis Intervention Coaching

What is a Crisis?

A Crisis is a time of great difficulty or distress that requires expert guidance, a rapid intervention, and a direct response to avoid complete disaster or collapse of the situation. During a crisis things can be uncertain, complex, and exhausting. Victims of a crisis often experience a complete breakdown of their coping skills, normal functions, and daily activities. There are three components that contribute to this, the human element, unforeseen events, and uncontrollable forces.


Heal, Rebuild, Recover

I offer confidential crisis intervention services including advocacy, interventions, spiritual guidance and support for victims of crises. My goal is to help victims navigate the chaos while providing them with a plan and strategy for recovery. As a Chaplain, I have extensive experience with rapid interventions and critical incident stress debriefings. If you are struggling with any of the following, I am here to assist you:

  • Grieving a loss.

  • Dealing with spiritual or emotional abuse.

  • Feeling burned out or work-related stress.

  • Going through a divorce.

  • Battling addiction or compulsive behavior.

  • Holding on to resentment or unforgiveness.



"He conveys a combination of technical expertise and compassion… His competence is without question and the empathy he shows his clients is well known in the areas which he serves. He is always open to coach and support anyone who desires his help." 


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